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06. 05. 2022 Alessandro Valentini Development, NetEye

Pinning a Module to a Specific Kernel Release

During our implementation of the NetEye migration to Red Hat 8 we decided to drop our internal mirror for system packages and instead rely on Red Hat’s official repositories. Our goal was to improve reliability, speed up the delivery of updates, and alleviate the development team’s workload. But it also introduced a new issue: we…

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23. 12. 2020 Andrea Avancini NetEye

How to Verify the Integrity of Your NetEye 4 ISO Image

When installing our favorite Linux distribution, the first thing we do is download the official installation image, an ISO file, from the distribution website or a third party site. Imagine for example that CentOS has just released a new version, and we are eager to give this new version a try by performing a fresh…

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