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27. 10. 2023 William Calliari Development

Taking RPITIT ― Rust’s Shiny New Feature ― for a Test Ride with Type-system-level Lambda Calculus.

With the upcoming Rust version 1.75.0, two important new features will be stabilized. These features go by the names return-position impl Trait in trait (RPITIT) and async fn in trait (AFIT).

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09. 01. 2023 William Calliari Development

Static Field Validation in Serde

I recently had to parse the JSON-RPC 2.0 standard and ran into the following problem: The standard requires the field “jsonrpc”: “2.0” in the JSON itself, and I wanted to validate that with Serde to ensure the message conforms to the standard. On the other hand I don’t need the field in the actual struct,…

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30. 09. 2020 Benjamin Gröber Development, NetEye

Tips & Tricks for Building RPM Packages

An RPM (RedHat Package Manager) package is the file format used by RHEL and CentOS, and their package manager yum (now called dnf). Since NetEye is based on CentOS, we use this standard package manager for distribution. How an RPM is constructed is defined in so-called spec files. In this blog post I’m going to…

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