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26. 06. 2019 Angelo Rosace NetEye

Expanding Elastic Stack set of features

Last month Elastic Stack on NetEye received a much needed upgrade. The upgrade consists in granting to the NetEye users the possibility to have access to the full set of features that the Elastic Stack provides upon getting an additional NetEye SIEM subscription. Originally the stack implemented on Neteye packaged a standard amount of renowned… Read More

25. 06. 2019 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Kanban Boards 看板 in EriZone

These whiteboards with handdrawn swimlanes and lots of apparently random placed sticky notes are nowadays present in most developers’ offices. Kanban (Japanese for “signboard”) is however not just a visualization strategy. It originates in a method for production planning, first used at Toyota, and its ideas were adopted for software development 15 years ago. A… Read More

25. 06. 2019 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

EriZone: a Simpler Way to Make Your Processes Simple

Dozens of new toy ideas arrive every day at Kenner Toys. Each of them must be evaluated and approved by the three partners: the brothers Huey (the Marketing Manager), Dewey (the Sales manager) and Louie (the Finance Manager). They are often traveling to remote places of the world so it is Uncle Donald who must… Read More

20. 06. 2019 Andrea Avancini NetEye

InfluxDays London 2019

As did for the last year edition, our DevOps team participated at InfluxDays, a conference organized by InfluxData and focused on time series data. We were really looking at the event with excitement, for all the new features InfluxData is putting into the new InfluxDB 2.0. So, apart from grabbing a very nice t-shirt, we… Read More

18. 06. 2019 MarinovMihail Development, NetEye

Go pprof – How to Understand Where There is Memory Retention

Recently I had to face a problem concerning a daemon written in Go that was consuming all available memory – causing critical and unpredictable situations for all the other components of the system. The first alarm came from NetEye: There was something that was requesting more and more memory. It was easy to understand which… Read More

17. 06. 2019 Valentina Da Rold NetEye

NetEye is Moving to a Completely Automated Upgrade Procedure

Process automation refers to the ability of a technological system to execute a series of tasks that were originally performed by humans. Such automation also controls, corrects and increases the visibility of the status of workflows and tasks, and generates reports throughout the process. The primary benefits of procedure automation are most surely productivity and… Read More

13. 06. 2019 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye

OEM Partnership with Elastic

Magic happens when collaboration really works and community spirit grows. This month, Würth Phoenix announced the expansion of its partnership with Elastic to make it faster and easier for users to deploy Elasticsearch within NetEye 4. Elastic is the company behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, an ecosystem of Open Source-based search and analytics tools…. Read More

12. 06. 2019 Benjamin Gröber NetEye Updates

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.6

Fixed problem not catching errors on report display For NetEye 4.6 we updated: icingaweb2-module-reporting to version 0.9.0_neteye0.2.1-1

06. 06. 2019 Andrea Detassis NetEye Updates

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.6

Fixed critical typo in elasticsearch-restore script For NetEye 4.6 we updated: elasticsearch-neteye-config to version 1.7.1-2 Fixed Searchguard roles preservation in elasticsearch dashboards For NetEye 4.6 we updated: elasticsearch-plugin-searchguard to version 6.7.1_24.3_neteye0.8.0-3

06. 06. 2019 Angelo Rosace NetEye Updates

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.6

This bugfix is related to grafana graphics that didn’t show upp in dashboards due to the presence of an ad filter. For Neteye 4.5 we updated: icingaweb2-module-neteye to version: 1.16.1-1

30. 05. 2019 Franco Federico NetEye

Beats and NetEye 4

NetEye 4 is composed of various modules, such as the NetEye 4 Log Manager that houses Elastic Stack with Search Guard. Our vision for the future of the NetEye 4 Log Manager is shown in the following diagram: Here you can see the various modules and technologies. For instance, you can see that we have… Read More

28. 05. 2019 Thomas Forrer NetEye, Release Notes

NetEye 4.6 Release Notes

Welcome to version 4.6 of our NetEye v4 Unified Monitoring Solution. Following version 4.5, the new and updated features in this version focus mainly on improvements to Tornado. Product: NetEyeRelease Number: 4.6Release Date: May 31, 2019Release Type: MinorPrevious Release: 4.5 Upgrade Requirements: A NetEye 4.5 installation These release notes for NetEye 4.6 describe new features… Read More

22. 05. 2019 TobiasGoller Application Performance Management, Cloud, Log Auditing, NetEye

Cloud Monitoring

The new challenge for monitoring solutions is to monitor infrastructure, software, and platforms that run in the cloud, or that are outsourced. The various contract models with cloud providers/outsourcers no longer focus on infrastructure monitoring, such as monitoring the fans or power supply in a physical server, but rather the availability and performance of applications,… Read More

21. 05. 2019 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

“Stay tuned” at Elpo

How to best understand where to keep pace with future strategic innovation? By accelerating learning and ensuring that NetEye is used to its fullest potential and sharing experiences directly with our customers. Last week’s Stay Tuned event was joined by over 20 participants. A big thanks to Robert Pohlin and the whole Elpo team for… Read More

13. 05. 2019 Luca Buonocunto NetEye

Creating Effective Dashboards

While working with Alyvix and NetEye as a Project manager for several companies, I have found that very often simplicity can make the difference, and in my opinion this is especially true for Dashboards. It is definitely a good idea to rely on dashboards in order to make sense out of your company’s data, but… Read More