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06. 12. 2023 Alessandro Romboli Business Service Monitoring, NetEye

Monitoring a Business Process

Scenario NetEye 4 is a comprehensive monitoring platform which natively supports Business Processes. A Business Process is an abstract view of a customer’s Business from the Application point of view. Usually, it’s a collection of Icinga2 checks aggregated by “AND, OR, At Least” logics in order to monitor if a Business Application is really available…

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06. 12. 2023 Mirko Morandini Asset Management, Service Management

Würth Phoenix is a GLPI Gold Partner! Exclusive News from GLPI Partner Day

The popular open source software suite GLPI, an acronym for Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique, has been part of the NetEye ecosystem since its beginnings, more than 15 years ago. GLPI includes a comprehensive, pre-configured IT Asset management database, an ITIL-compliant service desk (ticketing) and feature-packed inventory agents. Within the scope of NetEye, GLPI is…

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01. 12. 2023 Alessandro Valentini Development, DevOps

How to Install Matomo on OpenShift

Recently we felt the need to collect anonymous metrics about how our users are visiting our websites. After some investigation, the development team proposed using Matomo: a free and open source software project which collects usage metrics while guaranteeing 100% privacy alongside the chance to be self-hosted. We decided to install it on OpenShift, since…

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01. 12. 2023 Mattia Codato Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye 4.33 Release Notes

Welcome to version 4.33 of our NetEye v4 Unified Monitoring Solution. With this release, NetEye welcomes Winter with a spectacular view of St. Jakob Church. It is located in Ortisei (or St. Ulrich in German), a small village in Val Gardena (Gröden in German) perfect to stroll about in, discover new things, and fall in…

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01. 12. 2023 Mattia Codato Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.32 – 4.31 – 4.30 – 4.29 – 4.28 – 4.27 – 4.26 – 4.25 – 4.24

We have released a fix for a problem related to RedHat subscriptions. Updated packages We updated the following packages:

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30. 11. 2023 Alessandro Taufer Development

A Minimal Voting System Based on Blockchain

Suggested reader skill level: Proficient in software development Reading time: 10 min What you will learn: “Blockchain is hard.” Even if everyone has heard this sentence at least once, the truth is that it’s not. It’s just a database, with a bit of cool stuff added on top. This article will teach you how to…

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30. 11. 2023 Juergen Vigna Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitor Your Elasticsearch Agents Registered in the Elastic Fleet Server

Say you’re using the SIEM Module in NetEye and are deploying the Elasticsearch Agent to your clients. You’d surely like to know if those agents are still sending data and are still connected to the Elastic Fleet server. I had this problem recently and came up with a new monitoring plugin that uses the Kibana-API…

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28. 11. 2023 Alessandro Valentini DevOps

My OpenShift Journey #7: Enabling Persistent Monitoring

Some days after installing an OpenShift cluster you may notice a warning related to insights: the system is complaining because metrics are not stored in a persistent way and a restart of the container may cause the loss of metrics. In OpenShift it is possible to configure several custom metrics. In this post I will…

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27. 11. 2023 William Calliari Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.32

We fixed a bug where the deployment of the Icinga director would not clean up old stages, filling up the file system over multiple deploys. Updated packages For NetEye 4.32 we updated the following packages:

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22. 11. 2023 Attilio Broglio NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Improve Tornado Rules with a Mapping Modifier

Some years ago, one of my colleagues wrote an article about how to “Avoid Tornado Rules Repetition with a Map Post-modifier”. He presented an interesting and very useful way for creating Tornado rules without rewriting them. The core of his approach was based on the Mapping modifier, a functionality in the previous Tornado GUI that…

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16. 11. 2023 Beatrice Dall'Omo Red Team, SEC4U

Don’t Do Without EPSS: Vulnerability Prioritization

During a Vulnerability Remediation process, understanding which vulnerabilities pose a real and significant risk for an organization is not so obvious, and most of the time it involves several different aspects. It takes into consideration several factors related to available resources and time, company assets, severity, compatibility with fix methodologies, and others.  There is no…

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15. 11. 2023 Mattia Codato Events, Icinga Web 2, Unified Monitoring

Our Adventure at OSMC 2023: Exploring Open-Source Monitoring and Innovation

At the OSMC 2023 conference, we embarked on an exciting journey into the world of open-source monitoring. It was an event filled with inspiration, insights, and innovation.

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31. 10. 2023 Valentina Da Rold Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.32

We added an automatic procedure that correctly upgrades the DB schema for Icinga2. Updated packages For NetEye 4.32 we updated the following packages:

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30. 10. 2023 Giuseppe Di Garbo Atlassian, NetEye

How to Monitor NetEye with OpsGenie Heartbeats

Have you ever thought about how to monitor your NetEye system or other critical applications in a network failure scenario? To manage this scenario, in some customer cases some solutions have been implemented using SMS notifications, thus relying on the support of the mobile network as a notification channel.But what happens when even the mobile…

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30. 10. 2023 Mirko Ioris Blue Team, Red Team, SEC4U

Adding SOAR Features to the SOC – Part 1: Vulnerability Management

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a set of functionalities used by the SOC team to automate security activites, improve workflow management and share threat intelligence data. Security Operation Centres (SOCs) can leverage SOAR to gain in-depth knowledge of the threats they face, trigger automatic responses to security issues and achieve better efficiency. In this…

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