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28. 12. 2023 Davide Gallo Cloud, ITOA, NetEye

Using Jinja2 to Automate Configuration Files

As you may know, NetEye Cloud is our multi-tenant SaaS solution for monitoring your infrastructure. It’s crucial to us for keeping every tenant aligned with the latest configurations and patches. We’ve managed to automate and align the agents via Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Ansible, but we still had to manually check those agents’ configurations….

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12. 09. 2023 Davide Gallo Contribution, DevOps, NetEye

Automating Icinga 2 Deployment on Linux Systems

Currently, deploying an Icinga 2 Agent on a Linux system can be intricate, given the substantial variations in the process across different releases or OS families. For instance: Fortunately, there’s no need to develop and maintain a custom script to manage these diverse scenarios. We can leverage the readily available Ansible Plugins for this purpose….

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02. 05. 2023 Davide Gallo Contribution, NetEye

Using Ansible to Automate Agent Deployment

NetEye relies on many agents in order to monitor just one server, some examples are: Icinga, Telegraf, Elastic beats, GLPI agent and so on. As a Site Reliability Engineer, I’m responsible for ensuring that all these agents run smoothly. This can involve performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks like managing configurations, deploying updates, and provisioning new…

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30. 12. 2022 Davide Gallo Contribution, NetEye, Service Management

Start Using systemd Timers instead of cron/anacron

systemd timers are a way to schedule tasks in Linux systems using the systemd initialization system. They provide finer granularity for scheduling tasks than the traditional crontab, and also ensure that the task will be executed when the system is running in the future, even if the expected execution time was missed due to the…

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03. 10. 2022 Davide Gallo ITOA, NetEye

Using Multiple Retention Policies in InfluxDB

By default all metrics in InfluxDB are stored forever, but for certain metrics we need to store them for a much shorter time span. One example is when we’re receiving very large amounts of raw data, when we’re much more interested in derived characteristics of that raw data. In this blog we’ll discuss how to…

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04. 07. 2022 Davide Gallo NetEye

Using DSC to Distribute Icinga Agents

Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a feature in Powershell 4.0 and above that helps administrators to automate the configuration of Windows. I’ll show you below how to use it in order to maintain a consistent Icinga agent configuration across your Windows servers. Our use case As an admin I would like to distribute and configure the…

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30. 03. 2022 Davide Gallo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Log off an RDP User Session through the NetEye Command Orchestrator Part 2

In our previous post we discussed how to handle RD users using CMDO, focusing on the scripts needed to obtain a unique identifier for each users in the RD Farm. In this post I want to focus on how to create the CMDO commands and set their permissions correctly. Our user caseAs an admin I…

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