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You’re Not Using Confluence the Right Way, Part 2

In my last article I used some examples to show how you can collaborate on Confluence. I talked about how it’s useful for knowledge management and project management, especially if integrated with the Atlassian suite. I also gave some examples on how it can be used at the enterprise level to improve communication.

Today I will give you some more ideas on how each company department can use it…


The marketing team can build complex campaigns and enrich a Confluence page with tables, flowcharts and images.

Confluence can be used to keep assets updated in a living team space, and collaborate with other teams to brainstorm creative campaign ideas.

You can build personas, define a vision and strategy, and then let everyone understand it.

📋 Tips

✔️ You can sync it with Jira Software to use it at its full potential

✔️ There are many marketing templates available to help strategize, plan, and track goals

2. IT

As I mentioned in my last article, Confluence can be used for building a knowledge base, so IT teams can rely on written processes.

Thus you can use Confluence to align goals between IT and business teams.


Through Confluence you can organize product features into different spaces and search for old and new project requirements.

4. HR

HR can use Confluence to track new hirings, and the whole hiring process, as well for documenting company info or writing a career development plan to share with employees.


At Würth Phoenix, all our teams also use Confluence to document meetings and work on big projects, where many different departments in the company need to stay informed.

Confluence, for me, is a great tool especially when used in combination with the Atlassian suite. But even if you don’t have Jira or JSM, Confluence can really make your life easier! As you can see, there are many different ways to use it, and you just need to get creative with it.

If you have any other ideas on how to use it, please let me know!


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We are an Atlassian Gold Partner and our team of ITIL, Agile and Prince2 certified consultants helps enterprises in their Agile and digital transformation process.

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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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