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16. 05. 2024 Mirko Ioris SOCnews

SOC News | May 16 – Data stolen from SYNLAB published on the Dark Web

SYNLAB, European leader in medical diagnostic services, was the victim of a cyber attack last April. The compromised infrastructure is the one that runs Italians clinics only, other countries were not affected. In early May, ransomware group BlackBasta claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had stolen 1.5TB of sensitive medical data from Italian citizens….

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30. 04. 2024 Mirko Ioris SOCnews

SOC News | Apr 30 – New Cyber Attacker Groups Detected

During the last week of April, our Attacker Centric SOC detected multiple new cyber attacker group websites in the Dark Web. Called Dedicated Leak Sites (DLS), they are widely used by ransomware gangs to publish stolen confidential data when the victim refuses to pay the ransom. Usually, after an attack is claimed, a small amount of…

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24. 04. 2024 Mirko Ioris SOCnews

SOC News | Apr 24 – Full AMMEGA Data Breach Published

Using our CTI SATAYO platform, we identified an artifact belonging to AMMEGA’s data breach. AMMEGA is a multinational manufacturing company based in the Netherlands with revenues of $1.2 billion. It was the victim of an attack carried out by the Cactus ransomware gang in early March. The ransomware operators exfiltrated 3 TB of data and…

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