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29. 01. 2018 Roberto Palmarin Log-SIEM, NetEye

From Software Inventory to Vulnerabilities!

Now that your company has invested time and resources in gathering information about your entire installed base of software and equipment, how can we analyze and measure its level of security protection?  Can we identify the vulnerabilities in your company’s software?  Can we create a scoring function that measures security and how it changes over…

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30. 10. 2014 Thomas Forrer Asset Management, NetEye

OCS Inventory: Detect Software Installed at User Level

A new plugin for the OCS Inventory Agent allows to detect software installed at user level. We recently faced the problem of needing to detect user level installations of software on Windows operating systems. To resolve this, we’ve developed a plugin for the OCS Inventory agent.

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14. 05. 2014 MarinovMihail Asset Management, Service Management

CMDB integration between OTRS and OCS Inventory

OTRS is a configuration management system (CSM), ITIL© v3 compliant that has its own CMDB in order to manage configuration Items (CI) involved in ITIL processes. It implements the Service Asset & Configuration Management process to ensure that the assets required to deliver services are properly controlled, and that reliable information about those assets is…

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14. 04. 2014 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated neteye-glpi packages version 0.83.91

This is a fixrelease for glpi 0.83: – CVE-2013-2225 + CVE-2013-2227 : Security fix ( serialize + filter classname for autoload) – Fix in contract notifications entity params

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06. 12. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Virtual Machine Inventory

An IT organization today needs to have all the hardware, software and licenses information in order to negotiate with suppliers through a target strategy or to perform timely updates. A complete inventory system is therefore a must. As you may already know, NetEye provides the Inventory and Asset Management modules through the integration of GLPI…

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28. 10. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Rack management with GLPI

Have you ever had the need to manage in your inventory the location and the content of your racks? The plugin Bays Management for GLPI can also be adopted to meet this need. With the plugin it is possible to create and manage your rack and to locate the various components. In this way it is…

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