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31. 07. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, Release Notes

EriZone 5.7 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Service Management solution EriZone version 5.7. Product: EriZoneRelease Number: 5.7Release Date: July 31, 2019Release Type: MinorPrevious Release: 5.6 These release notes for EriZone 5.7 describe new features and improvements, and provide information on how to upgrade. Enhancements ACL can now be applied for Categories in customer ITSM Advanced (EZPROD-18) Addition… Read More

01. 07. 2019 MarinovMihail NetEye

Updated Safed Agent v1.10.1 for UX

The Safed agent for AIX version 7.1 now supports TLS 1.3 based on WolfSSL 3.15.7. The Safed agent 1.10.1 for UX is available on our github repository. Follow the steps described in the README file to compile and install both wolfssl 3.15.7 and safed 1.10.1 After that is will be possible to configure the secure… Read More

18. 06. 2019 MarinovMihail Development, NetEye

Go pprof – How to Understand Where There is Memory Retention

Recently I had to face a problem concerning a daemon written in Go that was consuming all available memory – causing critical and unpredictable situations for all the other components of the system. The first alarm came from NetEye: There was something that was requesting more and more memory. It was easy to understand which… Read More

20. 03. 2019 MarinovMihail Log Auditing, NetEye Updates, Syslog

Updated Safed Agent v1.10.1

– Retrieved events from eventlog (win 2008 +) starts from bookmark but should not be older than defined cache days

26. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.6.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.6.opm EriZoneTheme-5.6.6.opm Fixes:– Submenus cannot be selected due to previous fix (EZ-717) Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager.The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence:EriZoneEriZoneCore(EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement)EriZoneTheme

20. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.5.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.5.opm Fixes: – Pressing ‘enter’ after editing a field will Delete Note contact (EZ-791) – Ticket Attributes are automatically populated on GA insert (EZ-790) – DropdownFromDB field not working on AgentTicketMove (EZ-789) – Select does not disappear automatically after choice (EZ-717) – Time units position not uniform between action windows (EZ-788) – Link to… Read More

07. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail Information Security Operations Center, NetEye, Uncategorized

Secure Connections for the Safed Agent

The Safed agent can be configured via https and send its collected logs to the log collector though a TLS connection. The latest released version – 1.9.1 – supports TLS 1.2 (at a minimum) and TLS 1.3. The first step is to upload the private key, the local certificate and the CA certificate to the… Read More

23. 01. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.4.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.4.opm Fixes: – Edit a note with html comment code in the text don’t work correctly (EZ-784) – CC field emptied on wrong name writing (EZ-785) EriZoneTheme-5.6.4.opm – Empty body quick ticket are not created and no error is displayed (EZ-786) Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done… Read More

14. 12. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.3.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.3.opm Fixes: -Quick ticket remain in Dispatcher queue -Multi select dynamic field could not be emptied -Disable remote db field update on form update EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.6.1.opm Fixes: -Service comment not displayed on ticket by service EriZoneTheme-5.6.3.opm Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence: EriZone… Read More

09. 11. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.2.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.2.opm EriZoneTheme-5.6.2.opm Cancel & close window button is not visible for ticket actions when the ticket is unlocked Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager. The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence: EriZone EriZoneCore EriZoneTheme

18. 09. 2018 MarinovMihail NetEye

Telegraf Plugin for VMware Counters from a Windows Guest OS

Telegraf is a plugin-driven agent for collecting metrics from various sources (based on the configured input plugins), preprocessing and aggregating them (based on configured processor and aggregator plugins), and forwarding them to the desired destinations (depending on the configured output plugins). Telegraf is used throughout NetEye to collect performance data, forward them to InfluxDB where… Read More

21. 08. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.5 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.5.2.opm EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement-5.5.2.opm Ticket template based on selected service and category – check template change on new service selection has been enabled EriZoneTheme-5.5.2.opm Logo can be shown in external email notifications with Outlook client. In order to enable that feature create a png/jpeg logo and set Framework >> Frontend::Agent >> AgentLogoEmail config item via Admin >>… Read More

07. 08. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Security Advisories

EriZone – Security Advisory

A vulnerability has been detected on EriZone – OTRS systems. This vulnerability is classified with a severity of 7.2 (high). Further information regarding this topic can be found at To guarantee the security of your system, we recommend applying last released patches for EriZone 5.5.x, 5.4.x and 5.3.x Via Admin >> Package Manager Click on… Read More

25. 06. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS

Signatures on Mobile Devices

Beginning with EriZone 5.5 we have integrated human signatures on mobile devices. It’s now possible for the agents to obtain a digital signature and store it as an included image for the last ticket article. After that, the full content of the article – including the signature – can be printed. We have provided a new agent… Read More

01. 06. 2018 MarinovMihail EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.4 packages Updates

EriZoneCore-5.4.4.opm Configuration for CC customer search field has been added EriZoneTheme-5.4.4.opm Maintenance message layout problem Label issue on DynamicField on AgenTicketZoom Customer view: symbol “::after” not displayed correctly RichText in QuickTicket view wrong on mobile EriZoneJIRA-5.4.1.opm DoNotSplitJIRATicket parameter is not passed to Daemon task EriZoneActivityManagement-5.4.1.opm Priority is not mandatory for AMActivities, so null should be… Read More