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22. 09. 2016 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Predictive Analysis, Real User Experience, Unified Monitoring

Why does my local network latency increase during working hours?

Sometimes you get a higher network latency during certain periods of the day.

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08. 09. 2016 Karlis Upitis NetEye, Service Management

Style Consistency thanks to Component Library

A front end developer is positioned in the middle of lots of other jobs. To successfully deliver products he has to be aware of design, back end, content and other things that make everything nicely work together [2]. Misunderstandings, wasted time on synchronizing elements in development and production environments, duplicate work – these are just…

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27. 06. 2016 TobiasGoller NetEye

AS400 Monitoring with the NRPE Protocol

Everyone who is administering an IBM AS400 server has also the responsibility to monitor it. If the used monitoring software is based on a Nagios solution like our NeteEye, the best known monitoring plugin for as400 is the check_as400. The check_as400 is a plugin which is based on java and connects to the as400 system…

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