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02. 07. 2024 Juergen Vigna NetEye

Monitor the Tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler

A lot of people run regular tasks on their Windows Servers using the Windows Task Scheduler. Now it’s time to find out if these tasks run on time, within a limit, and complete successfully. This monitoring task is done over nscp.exe, so you should have NSClient++ installed along with your Icinga2 Agent. Take a look…

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26. 09. 2017 Patrick Zambelli Capacity Management, Nagios, Nagios Plugins, NetEye

Monitorare il traffico di rete su Hyper-V non è più un problema

Il monitoraggio del traffico di rete sui dispositivi di rete si basa tradizionalmente sulle query SNMP. Attraverso comandi predefiniti questo protocollo riesce a generare le statistiche per la trasmissione di pacchetti di dati da una o più interfacce di rete. Mentre le query sui dispositivi di rete vengono ancora eseguite tramite SNMP, nell’area dei server Microsoft…

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26. 09. 2017 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Predictive Analysis, Unified Monitoring

Hyper-V monitoring: Here’s some tips!

Network traffic monitoring is traditionally based on SNMP queries. This protocol generates statistics on the transmission of data across one or more network interfaces. While network device queries still run through SNMP, using Microsoft Hyper-V monitoring requires the adoption of other approaches. One of the reasons is the network connection configuration itself: for example, many…

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04. 03. 2016 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring Agent deployment: NSClient++.MSI

Nsclient++ is a very popular open-source agent for monitoring Microsoft environments ( ). As one of the first agents introduced with the Nagios success story, it has gained many improvements over the last years, becoming a reliable monitoring agent with extreme stability. This is also the reason, why this agent is still a principal…

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15. 03. 2013 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Save the date – 18th April 2013 – OSSM Conference

The Open Source System Management Conference 2013  will be held on April 18th in Bolzano. After the success obtained over the years, the conference aims also in 2013 to present news, updates and trends on the Open Source software by addressing IT Managers, System Administrators and developers. Particularly significant will be the presence of Al…

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21. 12. 2012 Michael Medin NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NSClient++ 0.4.1 released!

NSClient++ has for many years been the de facto way to monitor Windows machines from Nagios derived monitoring solutions such as Neteye, which over the past years has integrated various additional functionalities in its offer. With the new version (0.4.1) we are now moving steadily from “just a windows agent” to become versatile tool to…

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04. 04. 2011 Arianna Cunaccia Events, NetEye

Nagios World Conference Europe™: NS Client++

Also this year Michael Medin, member of the Nagios Community, will participate in the Nagios World Conference Europe™, introducing the new features of the NSClient++ version 0.3.9 and 0.4.X. Michael, is an open source developer and has written the NSClient++ for monitoring Windows based servers from Nagios. He works as consultant doing integration work on…

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21. 06. 2010 Georg Kostner Events, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Michael Medin’s trip to the Nagios Conference: „It was in fact much worse!!”

Michael Medin´s odyssey! One of speakers at our Conference on May 20th, told us his horror trip to get back home. Already the journey to Bolzano was sort of troublesome, to get back home was much worse. Michael reached the airport and much to his surprise, he was taught a brand new word: “no-show”. The…

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03. 06. 2010 Georg Kostner NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NSClient++ 0.3.8 agent per Nagios rilasciato il 2010-05-19.

Durante la conferenza Nagios && OSS Monitoring Michael Medin fondatore del progetto NSClient++ ha annunciato la nuova release 0.3.8. NSClient++ é un agent utile nel monitoraggio con NetEye per l’integrazione avanzata del mondo Microsoft. Nel seguente video Michael Medin spiega le nuove features della release 0.3.8 e ci fa anche capire in quale direzione sta…

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