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16. 01. 2024 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Icinga 2 DSL for Defining the Monitoring Status of Objects with Director

Today I want to present an Icinga 2-based monitoring use case where concepts of the powerful Icinga 2 DSL functional language come into play. The use case is based on mapping the status of a Host/Service Object via passive check results only. For this kind of use case, any accidental active status check could potentially…

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23. 12. 2020 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

Tornado – Getting in Action with Sample Rules

The new complex event processing engine Tornado has been evolving quite quickly during the last few NetEye releases. As you might imagine after reading the latest Neteye 4.15 release notes, Tornado Editor is becoming very powerful and users will find a comfortable UI for configuring Tornado filters and rules. For me, interacting with Tornado had…

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10. 12. 2020 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft Icinga2 Agent Deployment Automation with Tornado

When implementing monitoring with Icinga2 you will soon reach the point where you will have to install Agents in order to monitor your infrastructure in-depth. Here the Icinga2 Agent provides concepts to access information about and the properties of an operating system over a secure remote connection. In an enterprise environment consisting of thousands of…

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05. 05. 2020 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Import Data Correlation and Automation with Icinga2 Director

A common scenario during the setup of a monitoring environment represents the import of Host and Service definitions from external databases or existing monitoring systems. This task can become quite complex when there are multiple external sources, and the data needs to be correlated. This was the challenge we faced during a recent project where…

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15. 04. 2020 Patrick Zambelli Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Observability Thanks to AI

With the rapidly advancing digitalization of the economy, the availability of IT is becoming business-critical. Unplanned downtime is no longer acceptable, 24/7 operation is indispensable. For administrators, this means that they have to identify incidents before they lead to damaging behaviors in business processes. AIOps promises support in this direction. The digital transformation or our…

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20. 12. 2019 Patrick Zambelli Icinga News, NetEye

One Year of Community for NetEye 4 Projects

Almost 2 years ago, we first announced the start of our new NetEye 4 product. With NetEye 4 we started to build our monitoring solution on top of the popular Icinga2 and Icingaweb2 framework. Having been in the position of implementing some of the first projects based on NetEye 4, I recognized the need for…

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04. 12. 2019 Patrick Zambelli ITOA, NetEye

Downsampling Performance Data in InfluxDB

During the course of a NetEye installation, a wide range of performance data is collected. From latency metrics of ping checks, to the saturation data of disks and memory units, to the collection of utilization metrics of various kinds. For all of this data we’ve adopted the open source time series database InfluxDB. The time-aligned…

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07. 03. 2019 Patrick Zambelli Unified Monitoring

Monitoring Maps to Support Your IT Incident Management

Integration of NagVis monitoring maps into the monitoring details view of NetEye 3 with Thruk

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20. 12. 2018 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft Failover Cluster Monitoring

In today’s critical IT environments, setting up a cluster represents a common approach to increasing the availability of services and applications.  The concept of clustering is a set of independent computers that work together, where if one node fails another node automatically begins to provide services through a process known as failover. To make sure…

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13. 09. 2018 Patrick Zambelli Business Service Monitoring, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

IT Service Status Aggregation for Distributed Monitoring Scenarios

With this article I will talk about a recent customer project on End User Experience within a distributed environment. When we use the word “distributed”, we usually think about sites distributed across multiple cities or continents. This project focused on monitoring the quality that IT users experience between the ground floor and the 2nd floor…

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20. 08. 2018 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft WMI Monitoring – Some troubleshooting advice

In my previous blog I introduced the concepts of agentless monitoring via WMI for Microsoft environments:  from the preparation of suitable authentication credentials to providing some simple monitoring examples.  In this blog I would like to add more details about specific checks, and the possibilities for troubleshooting if you have difficulty fetching the desired data….

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19. 03. 2018 Patrick Zambelli NetEye, Unified Monitoring

WMI-based Microsoft Server Monitoring

Configuring Microsoft Servers: Authentication and Permissions Settings In this blog I will provide you a how-to for configuring agentless monitoring for Microsoft Servers or Workstations via WMI. What is WMI?  Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is Microsoft’s implementation of an industry-standard approach to accessing management information in an enterprise environment.  WMI uses the industry-standard Common Information…

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04. 01. 2018 Patrick Zambelli Downloads / Release Notes, Service Management

EriZone 5.3 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Service Management solution EriZone version 5.3. Product: EriZone Release Number: 5.3 Release Date: December 31, 2017 Release Type: Minor Previous Release: 5.2 These release notes for EriZone 5.3 describe new features and improvements and provide information on how to upgrade. Enhancements Quick ticket creation by image toolbar Customers…

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04. 01. 2018 Patrick Zambelli Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

NetEye 3.12 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our NetEye Unified Monitoring Solution that introduces new Business Priority management, and improvements to asset management, NetEye API, Grafana and GLPI contact integration. Product: NetEye Release Number: 3.12 Release Date: December 31, 2017 Release Type: Minor Previous Release: 3.11 System Requirements: NetEye 3.6 installation or higher These release notes for NetEye 3.12 describe new…

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02. 01. 2018 Patrick Zambelli Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye, Service Management

NetEye 3.12 and EriZone 5.3 have been released!

We are proud to announce the release of new minor versions of our IT System & Service Management solutions NetEye and EriZone. The latest version of our NetEye Unified Monitoring Solution introduces new Business Priority management, and improvements to asset management, NetEye API, Grafana and GLPI contact integration. On the other hand, EriZone 5.3 includes…

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