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24. 12. 2021 Enrico Alberti Log Management, NetEye

Log Management through NetEye Satellites

In the enormous world of Log Collection, quite often customers need to collect logs from various systems in remote locations, like from an office in another country. For Icinga we know that the latest NetEye 4.20 release fully supports distributed monitoring, but what about the Log Manager and SIEM modules? Is it possible to use…

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19. 10. 2021 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

TLS Certificate Authorities on Satellites

Since the introduction of Satellites in NetEye 4.19 one of the most frequently asked questions has been how CAs and Certificates work on Satellites. In this short blog post I’ll try to answer this question. First of all a bit of introduction about Satellites. A Satellite is a NetEye machine connected to a Master, which…

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