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13. 07. 2020 Stefano Bruno NetEye, Service Management, SLM, Unified Monitoring

ITSM Ticketing Integration with NetEye

Increasingly often, monitoring tools are the recipients of the notifications that are sent when problems arise, in order to guarantee the resolution of those problems quickly. In some circumstances, we need to extend the default type of communication that has historically been used: email. In this blog post I will describe how we integrated NetEye…

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10. 11. 2016 Sandro Santinato NetEye

Communicate with your NetEye through SOAP

In the current version of our NetEye API we introduced a new way to interact with your NetEye through a SOAP interface. It gives you the possibility to communicate with third-party applications or with applications developed by yourself over a web interface. It uses simple XML-based messages sent via HTTP. But first some general details about…

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