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12. 06. 2023 Mattia Codato NetEye

Speeding up NetEye Updates with an RPM Mirror

When it comes to upgrading and updating NetEye, many users face a common challenge: the time required for downloading the new package versions. This process can be influenced by connection speed, the number of nodes to update, and sometimes even the number of NetEye systems to manage simultaneously. Fortunately, NetEye 4.30 introduces an effective solution:…

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15. 12. 2022 Juergen Vigna NetEye

Migrate a NetEye 4 Server from CentOS 7 to RHEL 8 (v4.22->v4.23) with EFI Boot

When upgrading NetEye 4 from version 4.22 to version 4.23, the main focus is the upgrade/change of the operating system from CentOS 7 to the new RHEL 8 operating system. Normally you can proceed as explained in the Upgrade section of the user guide since NetEye 4 uses the “normal” BIOS boot sector with grub….

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22. 07. 2020 Juergen Vigna NetEye

Updating NetEye 4 Using ‘neteye upgrade’ with a Proxy

In NetEye 4.11 the neteye upgrade command was introduced and has to be used when updating to the next release. Now, everything is all well and good if you have direct access to the Internet from your NetEye 4 server, but if you have to use a proxy to update your servers then the procedure…

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