Blog Entries

21. 09. 2012 Juergen Vigna Business Process, NetEye

Notifications on critical business elements

The Business Services monitoring module of NetEye has been designed to  obtain a higher abstraction level to define IT Services. It allows to configure  the dependencies of the IT services with the infrastructure components. In this  way it is also possible to simulate the business impact that for instance a  server anomaly will have on… Read More

14. 09. 2012 Thomas Forrer EriZone & OTRS

New OTRS add-ons: drop down from DB and text area from DB

In OTRS it is not possible to retrieve data from external DB, for this reason I have recently developed two new add-ons able to query directly on a database at runtime to fill in “possible values”. These add-ons are two new instances of dynamic fields in OTRS 3.1.x: a drop down from DB and a… Read More

12. 09. 2012 Patrick Zambelli NetEye Updates, Syslog

SyslogView Fix release 2.0.5

Fix release announcement for NetEye SyslogView and the SyslogView Search engine. SyslogView specific fixes: – Add a new SAFED nagios monitoring template. This can be used for an alternative SAFED configuration together with the main monitoring definition – Fix some JS DOM ID registrations – Add statistics regex to match “Eventlog corruption” SyslogView Search specific:… Read More

07. 09. 2012 Patrick Zambelli NetEye Updates

NetEye Mobile 1.2

Update Release of the mobile environment for Neteye: – Problem view: Shows related Host for the selected Service problem – Action Launchpad integration: Action run and results view formatting improved – Business Process browsing:  Browsing for nested BPs – Added intelligece for showing options available in specific context Release version: 1.2 Release status: Release candidate