20. 01. 2021 Damiano Chini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.15

We fixed a problem for which dashboards were not rendered correctly and dashboards columns were truncated on some browsers if the content was too long.

For NetEye 4.15 we updated:

  • icingaweb2, icingaweb2-vendor-zf1, icingaweb2-vendor-JShrink, icingacli, icingaweb2-vendor-lessphp, icingaweb2-vendor-HTMLPurifier, php-Icinga, icingaweb2-autosetup, icingaweb2-vendor-dompdf, icingaweb2-common, icingaweb2-vendor-Parsedown to version 2.8.2_neteye1.80.3-1
Damiano Chini

Damiano Chini


Damiano Chini

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