18. 02. 2022 Damiano Chini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.22

We fixed a bug in Tornado which caused Elastic APM to be unable to relate the traces coming from the Tornado Collectors to the traces of the Tornado Engine.

For NetEye 4.22 we updated the following packages:

  • tornado, tornado-autosetup, tornado-common, tornado-neteye-config, tornado-dto, tornado-rsyslog-collector to version 1.18.2-2
  • icingaweb2-module-tornado, icingaweb2-module-tornado-autosetup to version 1.5.0-3
  • icingaweb2-module-tornadocarbon, icingaweb2-module-tornadocarbon-autosetup to version 1.25.0-2
Damiano Chini

Damiano Chini


Damiano Chini

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