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06. 08. 2020 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.13

We fixed a bug on the logmanager module. In particular, we fixed an issue related to the extend logs block chain command that didn’t work with hosts that contain an hostname with uppercase letters. For NetEye 4.13 we updated: elasticsearch, elasticsearch-autosetup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, elasticsearch-xpack-licence, kibana, kibana-autosetup, kibana-neteye-config, logstash, logstash-autosetup, logstash-neteye-config, logstash-neteye-config-autosetup, filebeat, filebeat-autosetup, filebeat-neteye-configto version 7.6.2_neteye3.8.4-1

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01. 07. 2020 Gianluca Piccolo Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Log Manager Beats: Log Files Signature and Compression

Beats is the new method for log acquisition introduced in the latest releases of NetEye 4. It’s a system fully integrated with the Elastic Stack. The Beats agents send logs directly to Logstash, which then forwards them to Elastic. Logstash also writes each log received into files on the file system (at the same location…

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30. 04. 2020 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.11

For the Reporting module, we fixed an error that caused the SLM reports impossible to be scheduled and sent by email. For NetEye 4.11 we updated: icingaweb2-module-slm to version 3.5.5-1 icingabwe2-module-neteye to version 1.58.5-1 icingaweb2-module-geomap to version 1.3.2-1

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06. 03. 2020 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.10

A missing information in the userguide was added. For NetEye 4.10 we updated: icingaweb2* to version 2.7.3_neteye1.64.1-1

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06. 12. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.9

Fixed a communication problem between Tornado web GUI and Tornado daemon API. For NetEye 4.9 we updated: icingaweb2-module-neteye to version 1.42.1-1 icingaweb2-module-tornado to version 0.7.1-1

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10. 10. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Business Service Monitoring, NetEye, SLM

How To: Creating an SLM Report for Business Processes

In this post we’re going to learn how to create an SLM report for a Business Process. Let’s get started. The concept here is to create a host that contains the checks for the Business Process we want to generate the report for, and then create the report for that host. Prerequisites: NetEye 4.7 or…

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03. 05. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.5

This bugfix is related to the DRBD service that didn’t start on boot after the upgrade from NetEye 4.4. For Neteye 4.5 we updated: neteye-setup to version 1.7.5-1

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08. 04. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated nagvis and icingaweb2-module-logmanager for NetEye 4.5

Updated nagvis to version 1.9.8_neteye1.4.2-1: Bugfix: On new cluster installations, NagVis autosetup is not executed. Upated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.13.3-1: Bugfix: Deploy to all hosts gives error 503

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04. 04. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes, Log-SIEM, NetEye

Updated neteye, neteye-setup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, eventhandler and auditlog for NetEye 4.5

Updated neteye to version 4.5.1-1: Define Updated neteye-setup to version 1.7.1-1: Manage target neteye single instance and cluster Update creation of icingaweb2 DB resource with dynamic creation of DB hostname Updated elasticsearch-neteye-config to version 1.5.0-1: Relate elasticsearch.service to Updated eventhandler to version 1.7.6-1: Fix module DB hostname for cluster environment Updated auditlog to…

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29. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye 4 and the Continuous Localization with Weblate

As a software developer, working with translations has always been a pain.Non-technical people like translators cannot work directly on translation files due to their rules and the file syntax. In my professional career I’ve tried many times to include translators into the workflow, but the time we spent solving the bugs they introduced was more…

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26. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated icingaweb2 for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.2_neteye1.25.3-1: Browser Title contains “Incinga Web” instead of “NetEye”

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22. 03. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes

Updated icingaweb2, neteye-setup and icinga2 for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.2_neteye1.25.2-1: Wrong cluster configuration template folder path on userguide Updated neteye-setup to version 1.6.2-1: Nagvis not cluster aware Updated icinga2 to version 2.10.1_neteye1.4.10-2: Fixed wrong icingacli command definition After update follow this steps (only for single node installations): # systemctl restart icinga2-master # icingacli director kickstart run

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19. 02. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

Updated modules neteye-api, neteye-histou for NetEye 3.16

Updated neteye-api to version 2.0.2-2: Fixed VSphere automatic tests Updated neteye-histou to version 0.4.3_neteye1.0.4-1: Render image not working on monitoring perfdata dashboard

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21. 12. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo Downloads / Release Notes

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager, eventhandler and icingaweb2-module-eventhandler for NetEye 4.3

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.6.2-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed: Safed deploy with custom port fails from second attempt (IMLM-101) Updated eventhandler to version 1.7.4-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed: The installation does not change /etc/sudoers file. Updated icingaweb2-module-eventhandler to version 1.5.5-1 for NetEye 4.3: Fixed: Commit message does not disappear after commit (IME-46)

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21. 12. 2018 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye 4 PSR-7 implementation

When talking about data transmission the main thing to take care is that both sides communicate in the same language. The sender must be sure to send only stuff that the receiver can understand. The receiver must know how to interpret the request and to process an intelligible response for the sender. Let me introduce…

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