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06. 12. 2023 Alessandro Romboli Business Service Monitoring, NetEye

Monitoring a Business Process

Scenario NetEye 4 is a comprehensive monitoring platform which natively supports Business Processes. A Business Process is an abstract view of a customer’s Business from the Application point of view. Usually, it’s a collection of Icinga2 checks aggregated by “AND, OR, At Least” logics in order to monitor if a Business Application is really available…

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17. 01. 2017 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

NetEye 3.9 è stato rilasciato!

Con il rilascio dell’ultima versione 3.9 di WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye, la soluzione si arricchisce di importanti funzionalità e miglioramenti principalmente nell’area del monitoraggio dei business-service e nell’IT Operations Analytics.

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17. 01. 2017 Patrick Zambelli Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye

NetEye 3.9 has been released!

The most significant enhancements of the latest NetEye version regard the area of Business Service Monitoring. Moreover, the IT Operations Analytics module based on InfluxDB and Grafana is now integrated to the standard delivery of NetEye.

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23. 08. 2016 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

German Advanced NetEye Training

As part of our training program, we will organize the German ADVANCED NetEye Training. Contents The training consists of a three-day main part, which focuses on advanced monitoring concepts, and the deepening of the topics Network Discovery, Network Traffic Monitoring, Event Management and Business Service Monitoring.

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