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12. 03. 2021 Massimo Giaimo Blue Team, Log-SIEM, SEC4U

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day: Let’s Look at the Facts!

I’m writing this article with the goal of summarizing the events of recent days concerning the zero-day vulnerability that has struck Microsoft Exchange installations, and to provide some useful information to help you understand how the attack began, how it developed, and what we should expect in the immediate future. First of all, a quick…

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19. 10. 2011 Patrick Zambelli Predictive Analysis

Capacity View on Microsoft Exchange for German OS 2K3

The previous Blog article ( ) on how to implement a capacity view on the e-mail exchange on Microsoft Exchange servers works fine for international English servers. Due to the fact that the template makes use of system counters for the data backend, the remote system calls have to be adjusted for hosts installed…

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