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25. 03. 2024 Franco Federico APM, NetEye, Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Migration from Alyvix Server to Alyvix Service

Beginning with NetEye version 4.26, Alyvix has been fully integrated into NetEye. Currently Alyvix within NetEye is implemented as the neteye-alyvix module, and is part of our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) world. We have Elastic with all the functionality of traditional APM, and then for synthetic monitoring we have Alyvix. In the past few weeks…

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25. 09. 2023 Tobias Goller NetEye, Unified Monitoring, Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Alyvix Modules in NetEye

Today I want to report on my first experience with the new Alyvix integration in NetEye. At the same time as NetEye version 4.30, another revised update of the Alyvix module was released for NetEye. And just recently in August I had my first opportunity to install and operate this revised module together with its…

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