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15. 06. 2022 Giovanni Davide Saccá Unified Monitoring

Into the Flows: Collecting Data with nProbe and nTop

The role of these two components is pretty clear: nProbe has the role of collecting traffic data, while nTop makes that data visible and easily analyzable. There is something, however, that needs to be explicitly stated, which is to decide whether it’s ntopng that should contact nProbe or vice versa, and as we’re in a…

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14. 06. 2022 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

nTop and nDPI: How to Increase Network Traffic Analysis

nTop now uses the nDPI (network deep packet inspection) library to classify packets within network traffic for those protocols that either do not use a standard port (defined as well known ports like and or that are dynamically assigned. In any case the need to classify not only the packet header but also…

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02. 11. 2021 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

nBox to NetEye Elastic Module

A customer asked me to analyze their network flows, with a solution oriented towards using an nBox that collects NetFlow data from a router located away from the branch office, takes it in for analysis, and then sends it to a NetEye Elastic module, which act as an analysis console for that NetFlow data. The…

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11. 10. 2021 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Distributed, Multi-Instance nProbe: NetFlow Analysis

A client with a really large number of routers installed at their client asked me one day to analyze each of those network flows. They hoped that an analysis tool would be able to discover and impose a multitenant configuration all on its own, so that access could be granted to final users while guaranteeing…

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05. 10. 2021 Giovanni Davide Saccá NetEye, Unified Monitoring

nProbe and nTop All-in-One (Single Node): Netflows Analysis

One of my clients with a number of routers installed at their own remote location asked me if I could analyze the network flows at multiple locations. Their network architecture is a full mesh, and thus has private subnetworks, data center environments, and even in some cases cloud providers. Complex architectures like this require increasing…

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22. 04. 2012 Luca Di Stefano Real User Experience

Real User Experience Monitoring: How to handle a load balancer

The Real User Experience Monitoring (RUM) is a new approach adopted to provide specific control on IT services and systems, allowing to analyse the performance and response time that the user really experiences. If you have an application behind a load balancer and the probe is between the client and the load balancer, the RUM retrieves…

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20. 01. 2010 Georg Kostner NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Network Tap come soluzione ottimale per il monitoraggio della rete mediante NetEye e NTOP

Recentemente ci siamo trovati ad implementare il network traffic monitor di NetEye presso un nostro cliente. Al fine di analizzare il traffico di rete e’ necessario implementare il “NetEye nprobe” che consente di controllare tutto il traffico di un certo segmento di rete. Per riuscire a far confluire il traffico di rete all’nprobe volevamo utilizzare…

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02. 12. 2009 Georg Kostner NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NTOP: intervista con il fondatore Luca Deri

Durante l’evento di Nagios del 2009 abbiamo avuto il piacere di conoscere Luca Deri, sviluppatore del progetto Open Source ntop. ntop ha come obiettivo primario la realizzazione di un analizzatore di traffico di rete. Usando una proporzione come esempio, potremmo dire che Nagios sta all’infrastruttura come ntop sta alla rete. Abbiamo così iniziato una stretta…

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