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22. 11. 2021 Juergen Vigna Contribution, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Monitoring SOAP Webservices

SOAP is a messaging protocol for exchanging information based on XML over the network. SOAP messages are written in XML, which is why they are platform- and language-independent. A lot of enterprises have such webservices that return useful data for use in (web) applications. Now, if you want your application to work, then these webservices…

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21. 12. 2016 Davide Bizzarri NetEye, Unified Monitoring

How to Create a GLPI Plugin

Introduction Plugins are used to extend and modify the functions of GLPI. In this tutorial, we will see how to create from scratch a GLPI plugin for cloning Computers . This tutorial presumes that you have basic knowledge of GLPI. Prerequisites GLPI <= 0.85 1. Creating a new plugin Localize the installation folder of GLPI. In our case…

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10. 11. 2014 Luca Di Stefano NetEye, Real User Experience

New DNS Plugin for Real User Experience

Users often complain about long load times when trying to access IT services (Web, Citrix, Terminal Server ecc.). Also cloud services like Office 365 can be concerned. Increased load times can have various reasons – one of this reasons may be an elevated timespan needed to resolve the DNS address. To discover such problems we…

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28. 10. 2013 NetEye Blog Admin Asset Management, NetEye

Rack management with GLPI

Have you ever had the need to manage in your inventory the location and the content of your racks? The plugin Bays Management for GLPI can also be adopted to meet this need. With the plugin it is possible to create and manage your rack and to locate the various components. In this way it is…

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05. 12. 2011 Juergen Vigna NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Integration of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager monitors the behavior of SAP Instances and sends notification email in case of misbehaviors. Integrating this solution with NetEye the benefit is the possibility to have the mails sent to a user on NetEye Server and thanks to a procmail script  rows are inserted into the MessageConsole Application. The script could be like this: #! /bin/sh # export…

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