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10. 07. 2017 Gabriele Cecco Service Management

Keeping an eye on your EriZone process tickets

Usually, during a new EriZone implementation, we are not just implementing “simple” Incident Management, but also defining processes to standardize existing procedures within the company. Investing time now in the implementation of a standardized process will pay dividends later, especially in the case of multilevel authorizations or other workflows where the ticket needs to follow…

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31. 08. 2016 Mirko Morandini Service Management

Using EriZone for Access Management and Provisioning

A critical part of IT Service Management is the management of access to all kinds of IT-related resources, including not only the access to IT systems, networks and software, but also the provisioning of devices such as phones and laptops, contracts (e.g. phone or data contracts with 3rd party operators) and often also items regarding…

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