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28. 12. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Tickets tickets tickets, tickets! (or: how to create “good” tickets)

Tickets, ticket tickets. Tickets tickets ticket (tickets), tickets tickets. Stop! I don’t want to paraphrase Doug Zongker’s celebrated “Chicken” paper and speech (you can find it here that probably had a bigger influence to science than Hugo Ball’s Dadaism poems to culture… Ok, let’s come back to our topic! …Tickets, tickets, tickets! Of course,… Read More

17. 12. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

I’ll show you “my Assets”!

“Alexa, please tell me all the devices assigned to me!” – This may not be a frequent request in the life of a service manager (yet). However, giving your customers visibility of the assets registered in their name is a sign of transparency, trust and good organization. But let’s start from the beginning of the… Read More

27. 09. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Creating Tickets from QR-Codes and Asset Numbers

You need to print some training material, but after a few pages the color printer stops and just shows some error code… so what happens next? You phone the IT department, telling them who you are and where you are, guessing which printer it is… possibly the color printer on 3rd floor of the North… Read More

20. 06. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Managing 3rd Level Support with EriZone

I often get asked to explain the “best way” to involve partners that provide external (3rd level) support. In IT service management, 3rd level support is commonly defined as the external providers that need to be involved when the first level support and the specialists in 2nd level support cannot provide, or are not able… Read More

07. 02. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Reporting, Document Management and Risk Evaluation with EriZone

EriZone is mainly used as an (IT) SM tool to manage incidents, service requests and changes, and to document the assignment and return of devices. However, a ticket system like EriZone can also support other processes – for example, those that need to provide structured documentation. In fact, many standards require reporting risks or other… Read More

08. 01. 2018 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Enhanced Statistics in EriZone

A service desk system such as EriZone leads users to pursue recommended processes and is thus able to gather a large amount of structured data. In addition to EriZone’s standard dynamic statistics, which can be assembled and configured by the agents themselves on the web interface by combining the data sets provided by the API,… Read More

29. 12. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Efficient Service Desk Configurations with EriZone

In a previous blog post, Towards Self-Adaptive Service Desk Systems, I identified three basic service desk configurations for the practical management of service requests and incidents. In this article, you will find an overview and further details about these service desk configurations, including recommendations on how to work effectively with them in EriZone. I also… Read More

07. 07. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Importing Tickets in EriZone

Service desk systems are of great importance to most IT departments. They are used to manage not only incidents and service requests, but also for authorizations and the management of internal projects. Moreover, data obtained from an ITSM system can be used for time accounting, invoicing and cost estimates. Finally, yet importantly, tickets and their… Read More

05. 07. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Towards Self-Adaptive Service Desk Systems

If you don’t work in the field of IT service management, you might suppose that a service desk, and especially an IT service desk, is something quite standard… having similar services and a similarly structured support staff structures across all companies. However, despite having (apparently) a very similar goal and trying to follow a common… Read More

12. 01. 2017 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Efficient management of support requests and authorizations by using child tickets

In EriZone, processes that require the involvement of multiple responsible persons and different competence centers are often implemented by using the concept of child ticket. Child tickets are independent tickets that are created from and linked to their so-called parent tickets. Depending on the specific use case, it is possible to copy data and properties… Read More

31. 08. 2016 Mirko Morandini EriZone & OTRS

Using EriZone for Access Management and Provisioning

A critical part of IT Service Management is the management of access to all kinds of IT-related resources, including not only the access to IT systems, networks and software, but also the provisioning of devices such as phones and laptops, contracts (e.g. phone or data contracts with 3rd party operators) and often also items regarding… Read More