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26. 03. 2019 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Add Some Style to Your Notifications

Some time ago, a customer told me about his need to produce, via EriZone, a summary document containing the data collected in the ticket dynamic fields. One way to do this is to take advantage of the EriZone Ticket Notification Module. Using the native editor in the notification module, I created an HTML table and… Read More

21. 12. 2018 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Facilities? Make Them Organized!

Speed is not enough Japan, Chiba Prefecture:  A blue van with a mustachioed little man on board speeds quickly through the area of the Makuhari Messe I.C. Complex. From a distance, the clerk at the gate, even though already warned via Telegram about the urgency, recognizes him immediately: a bit from the screech of the… Read More

25. 09. 2018 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Be Like Bill. Talk To Your EriZone Consultant.

It’s 16:00 on the first Friday in April Jeff is sitting in his office chair, and responds at the first ring of his CISCO VoIP phone. Bob’s screams come out of the receiver and Jeff instinctively pulls it away from his ear. Bob isn’t satisfied that the tickets opened by his group are always resolved… Read More

19. 06. 2018 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

A New Transition Action for Activity Management

This article will show you an EriZone innovation you can introduce into your process: a Transition Action for Activity Management. One of the main uses of this new feature is in the area of HR. There is no doubt that onboarding of a new employee in a company requires that multiple activities are fulfilled by… Read More

01. 04. 2018 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

Easily Connect EriZone with Power BI Desktop to Create Effective Dashboards

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; in the case of data representation, this is even more true. Let’s take a step back and focus on the data. When analyzing or reviewing a ticketing system, it may be that simple questions do not have easy answers.  For example: What are the most… Read More

22. 12. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

An Underestimated Indicator: AccountedTime

The realization of an effective Service Desk should be considered a success.  On the other hand, the possibility of increasing efficiency is a necessary benefit for containing infrastructure costs, or for invoicing them to users with a pay-per-use model. The metrics and KPIs that we already use help us to measure service desk tasks, user… Read More

20. 12. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS

How to Integrate the EriZone Customer Database with Web Services

One of the key points in the EriZone configuration is the connection to the database that contains information on the users of the system. A database without information on users has a negative effect on the incident management process. Let’s imagine that you are a Service Desk operator who has to work on an urgent… Read More

10. 07. 2017 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

Prozess-Tickets im Auge behalten

Mittlerweile definieren wir bei fast allen neuen EriZone Projekt auch Prozesse, um bestimmte Abläufe im Unternehmen zu standardisieren. Vor allem für mehrstufige Genehmigungen oder andere Workflows bei denen das Ticket einem bestimmten, vordefinierten Weg folgen muss, zahlt es sich aus (einmalig) Zeit in die Implementierung eines Prozesses zu investieren, um eine effiziente Arbeitsweise zu ermöglichen…. Read More

10. 07. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS, EriZone & OTRS, EriZone & OTRS

Keeping an eye on your EriZone process tickets

Usually, during a new EriZone implementation, we are not just implementing “simple” Incident Management, but also defining processes to standardize existing procedures within the company. Investing time now in the implementation of a standardized process will pay dividends later, especially in the case of multilevel authorizations or other workflows where the ticket needs to follow… Read More

10. 07. 2017 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

Tenere sotto controllo i ticket di processo in EriZone

Nelle implementazioni di nuove istanze EriZone la creazione di processi personalizzati per standardizzare procedure esistenti è diventata una costante. I processi sono molto utili per gestire flussi di approvazione o workflow in cui il ticket deve seguire un iter strutturato secondo regole predefinite e ben precise. Grazie al Process Bundle di EriZone i Ticket creati… Read More

29. 06. 2017 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

Ticket Template

„Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Öffnen neuer Tickets seitens der Service Desk Mitarbeiter zu beschleunigen?“ Ist eine Frage, die bei fast jedem neuen EriZone Projekt auftritt. Besonders in Situationen in denen die Reaktionszeit ausschlaggebend ist, könnte ein Shortcut zur schnellen Auswahl von Service, Kategorie und eventuellen weiteren Feldern extrem hilfreich sein. Durch eine kleine Zusatzkonfiguration,… Read More

29. 06. 2017 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

Quick Ticket Template

Una domanda che spesso mi viene posta durante l’analisi di un nuovo progetto EriZone è: esiste un modo per velocizzare l’apertura dei ticket da parte del Service Desk? In situazioni dove spesso la velocità di reazione è fondamentale, una funzionalità che permetta con uno shortcut la selezione di servizi e categorie ed eventualmente altri campi… Read More

29. 06. 2017 Gabriele Cecco EriZone & OTRS, EriZone & OTRS, EriZone & OTRS

Quick Ticket Template

“Is there any way to speed up opening new tickets?” This is a typical question new EriZone customers ask during project implementation. The reason is quite obvious: If you have a large Service Desk team that is opening several hundred tickets each day, every second counts. Especially in situations where the resolution time is critical,… Read More

05. 08. 2016 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

L’automazione dei processi con EriZone

Come consulente EriZone mi capita spesso di partecipare a fasi di cambiamento di processo all’interno delle aziende. Non si tratta quasi mai di modificare i fondamenti dei flussi di lavoro, che l’azienda ha chiari e dettagliati spesso in molti documenti, ma si tratta di tradurre quel processo utilizzando uno strumento che permetta di guidare le… Read More

05. 08. 2016 Gabriele Cecco Uncategorized

Prozessautomatisierung mit EriZone

In meiner Position als EriZone Berater bin ich häufig während der Phase der Veränderung interner Prozesse bei unseren Kunden-Unternehmen anwesend. Meistens geht es dabei nicht darum die Grundlagen der Workflows zu ändern, welche bereits in vielen Dokumenten klar und detailliert festgehalten sind. Es geht hingegen darum, die definierten Prozesse unter Zuhilfenahme eines geeigneten Werkzeugs, zu… Read More