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14. 08. 2018 Oreste Attanasio NetEye

NagMap and Google Maps

Google has recently changed its API access policies; since June 11, 2018, the use of the API private key has been mandatory. In NetEye’s NagMap application, access to the Google Maps data has thus stopped, resulting in error alerts like this: In order to gain access to Google Maps data, you must obtain an API… Read More

14. 07. 2016 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS, NetEye

Activate your Account for the new Service Desk Portal

If you’re a subscribed customer you can access your account on the brand new WÜRTHPHOENIX Service Desk Portal. Here’s how ! Our new Service Desk Portal is based on the latest version of our IT-Service Management solution EriZone. 

19. 06. 2014 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS

Register working hours: Interface EriZone/ERP system

On one hand, service companies use ticketing systems (as OTRS, EriZone etc.) to handle customer requests in a comprehensible way, on the other hand, contracts and cost centers are managed in the company’s ERP system (as SAP, MS Dynamics AX, NAV, Infor). In such cases, one might ask where employees of the service desk should… Read More

28. 11. 2012 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS

OTRS 3.2 beta

The OTRS AG group released a new beta version of OTRS 3.2. We will try out and review the new beta version very soon; for now, we will briefly introduce the main functionalities  offered by this new major update, whose final release is planned for the end of January.Customer Information Center In order to improve the… Read More

21. 06. 2012 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS

OTRS – Assign Customer Companies to groups or services

With OTRS you can define different customers backends even choosing to integrate data from an LDAP server. To keep track of customers’ service subscriptions, you can define a relationship between single customers and groups and services. This allows customer users just to see services they subscribed. OTRS comes with 2 administration panels which allow to… Read More

16. 01. 2012 Oreste Attanasio EriZone & OTRS, NetEye

Extending OTRS

The ITIL driven ticketing system OTRS, included in NetEye, comes with a variety of features which alone suite most customers’ needs: the flexibility of the queues system, the user management and the integration possibilities,  together with the ITSM Module makes it an easy-to-adopt product out of the box. Sometimes, though, when the basic features are… Read More

05. 07. 2011 Oreste Attanasio Nagios-Plugins

Monitor LDAP attributes with Nagios

We extended the basic LDAP check contained in the standard plugins to monitor specific attributes of a given LDAP search. This allows to actively monitor the LDAP database consistency, tracking unwanted changes. Download: check_ldap_search

02. 11. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Nagios, Nagios-Plugins

“You would be crazy not to use the potential of Open Source”

Interview with Gerhard Lausser, Nagios expert, plugin developer (check_logfiles und check_oracle_health) and author of various Nagios publications. In 2009 you’ve published a book on Nagios features and functionalities: which were the main focus points and what’s your experience in relation to the plugins you’ve developed? The goal of my book was not to be another… Read More

25. 10. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Configuration Management, EriZone & OTRS, NetEye, Uncategorized

OTRS version 3 – what´s new?

The main features of the new OTRS version focus on the usability of the web application. The all-new user-centered design features an enhanced New Ticket dashboard, a dynamic Ticket Zoom view, enhanced search, an interactive Global Ticket overview, ticket archiving, and accessibility compliance. The news at a glance? User Centered redesign of the Graphical User… Read More

23. 08. 2010 Oreste Attanasio Business Process, NetEye

Business Process Monitoring

In relazione con quanto scritto da Andrea di Lernia in precedenza, vorrei aggiungere dei particolari tecnici sul plugin Nagios Business Process. Come spiegato da Andrea, grazie a questo Add-on e’ possibile strutturare i host e servizi di Nagios in modo da riflettere la propria infrastruttura. Includendo nella struttura anche le dipendenze e’ possibile simulare l’effetto… Read More