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New NetEye release notes 2013

The new NetEye relase notes are now available! The new features among others include a renewed interface providing easily customizable dashboards for the overview of the services, hosts or performance metrics and the implementation of a centralized User Account Management. From the functional aspect NetEye has been enhanced by the comprehensive module of Business Process Monitoring, the NetEye Mobile App and the End User Experience approach. Another highlight of the new version if the optimization of the log auditing and the SLA reporting.

The main features at a glance:

Message Console Dashboard Overview
The specially designed Message Console provides the list of all classified incidents with the possibility to configure filter rules based on the severity of the problems. The new visualizations and dashboard overviews allow the system administrators to create a personalized home page and thus have an immediate insight of the business critical applications and of the service processes.

End User Experience with Al’exa
The End-User Experience approach takes into account the quality of the provided services, by starting from a horizontal measurement of the delivered performance from the perspective of the user. The integration of Al’exa into NetEye represents the possibility to simulate the behaviour of the end-user interacting with the applications. Al’exa allows for example to find out when and how bottlenecks can be experienced in terms of performance and availability. Valuable statistics on the behavior of the systems and applications can be generated and recorded. This extension offers therefore a more focused user performance monitoring by providing the opportunity to compare the results with the existing metrics of the Monitoring System.

Easier association of the services with the Business Process Monitoring
With the improvements performed on the Business Process Monitoring in the version 3.4, it is possible to easy identify and correlate the incidents to the single IT components and simulate the impact that a certain anomaly could have on the IT Service Level. The completely revised Business Process module monitors both single business service and group of processes, including the complete integration of the end-user behavior. Any number of services can be associated to several levels, depending on the business relevance and enable an immediate overview into all critical processes.

New variables logic for the Action Launchpad
The Action Launchpad was designed to easily delegate administration activities to the service desk and to enable a more effective management of the support activities. With the extended features of the Action Launchpad, the command are now compatible with the Nagios logic variables and the Service Desk can perform preconfigured commands and tasks directly via a web interface on remote systems without having to specifically request administrator rights. As a result, the Service Desk can analyze independently the incidents by solving them more quickly.

Get it all at a glance: Download the pdf!

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