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30. 10. 2014 Thomas Forrer Asset Management, NetEye, Uncategorized

OCS Inventory: Detect Software Installed at User Level

A new plugin for the OCS Inventory Agent allows to detect software installed at user level. We recently faced the problem of needing to detect user level installations of software on Windows operating systems. To resolve this, we’ve developed a plugin for the OCS Inventory agent.

13. 10. 2014 Sandro Santinato NetEye, Real User Experience Monitoring, Uncategorized

RUE: Integration with LDAP

A new feature since version 1.8 of the “Real User Experience” (RUE) is the integration with your LDAP server, which helps you associating network requests to specific users. This is possible if you are monitoring services like the Microsoft Outlook WebApp, where the AD (Active Directory) username is part of the request. In this way… Read More

10. 10. 2014 Juergen Vigna Nagios-Plugins, NetEye

Update of nagios-plugins package to version 1.4.16-7

– Fix check_snmp Multiplier conversion which did not see negative values or was not used when not having warning/critical values

09. 10. 2014 Thomas Forrer Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog, Uncategorized

NetEye: New MySQL Audit Plugin for SyslogView

In a standard MySQL setup, the logging of user logins/logouts is done by enabling the “general_log” logfile, which forces the MySQL process to log EVERYTHING. This can clearly produce bad performances under heavy load. To avoid such performance restrictions we added a new MySQL Audit Plugin to the Syslog View of NetEye.

08. 10. 2014 Sandro Santinato NetEye, Real User Experience Monitoring

Export/Schedule Reports using Command Line

So far exporting reports in CSV format was only possible through the web UI of the “Real User Experience” (RUE). Therefore scheduling report creation wasn’t possible. Now we added a new feature in the “Real User Experience”, which allows you to export reports using the command line. In this way you are able to schedule… Read More

02. 10. 2014 Thomas Forrer Log Auditing, NetEye, Syslog, Uncategorized

NetEye: Integration Logstash/Elasticsearch/Kibana

You probably already heard about Elasticsearch and its potential. Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine based on Lucene. It provides a RESTful web interface and schema-free JSON documents. To be able to better display logs collected by NetEye, we integrated three open source projects: Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana. Logstash parses logs and submits them to Elasticsearch, which saves them… Read More