20. 11. 2019 Alessandro Valentini Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.8

Fixed a bug that prevented Elasticsearch from starting on a fresh NetEye 4.8 cluster installation. This bug was caused by two deprecated options,
discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts and discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes,
which are no longer used now that Zen Discovery has been removed in Elastic 7.
To start Elasticsearch 7.3.1 correctly on a first install requires two options to be set:

  • discovery.seed_hosts to specify which members of the cluster are master-eligible
  • cluster.initial_master_nodes to indicate at least one initial master node, which will be used only at the first startup

This bugfix updates neteye_secure_install to use the new options instead of the deprecated ones and properly sets their parameters. Before running neteye_secure_install, please remember to properly migrate by importing the commented-out options mentioned above in the file /neteye/local/elasticsearch/conf/elasticsearch_sg.yml.rpmnew.

For NetEye 4.8 we updated:

  • elasticsearch, elasticsearch-autosetup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, elasticsearch-xpack, elasticsearch-xpack-autosetup, kibana, kibana-autosetup, kibana-neteye-config, kibana-xpack, kibana-xpack-autosetup, logstash, logstash-neteye-config, logstash-neteye-config-autosetup, logstash-xpack, logstash-xpack-autosetup to version 7.3.1_neteye2.3.4-1
  • elasticsearch-plugin-searchguard, elasticsearch-plugin-searchguard-autosetup, kibana-plugin-searchguard, kibana-plugin-searchguard-autosetup, searchguard-plugin-common, searchguard-plugin-common-autosetup to version 8.0.4-1
  • icingaweb2-module-neteye to version 1.32.3-1
  • neteye-setup to version 1.24.3-1
Alessandro Valentini

Alessandro Valentini


Alessandro Valentini

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