11. 04. 2020 Damiano Chini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.11

We fixed the exclusion, from the Logstash file input filter, of the logs created by Beats, which caused Logstash to go OutOfMemory

For the GeoMap module we fixed a bug that generated an error when clicking on the Map Detail tab.

For NetEye 4.11 we updated:

  • elasticsearch, elasticsearch-autosetup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, elasticsearch-xpack, elasticsearch-xpack-autosetup, kibana, kibana-autosetup, kibana-neteye-config, kibana-xpack, kibana-xpack-autosetup, logstash, logstash-neteye-config, logstash-neteye-config-autosetup, logstash-xpack, logstash-xpack-autosetup to version 7.5.1_neteye2.11.5-1
  • icingaweb2-module-neteye to version 1.58.4-1
  • icingaweb2-module-geomap, icingaweb2-module-geomap-autosetup to version 1.3.1-1
Damiano Chini

Damiano Chini


Damiano Chini

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