19. 02. 2021 Bharat Bisht Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.16

We fixed a bug in SLM reports for which they were not using the availability information stored in the monitored objects status. So, in case the IDO DB retention policy deleted all the events related to a monitored object, the report showed that it was not possible to generate the report, even though useful information was present in the monitored object status.

For NetEye 4.16 we updated the following packages:

  • icingaweb2-module-slm, icingaweb2-module-slm-autosetup to version 4.5.3-1
  • slmd, slmd-autosetup to version 4.3.1-3
Bharat Bisht

Bharat Bisht


Bharat Bisht

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