10. 09. 2021 Mattia Codato Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.19

We fixed a bug that caused the ES_CLUSTER_INITIAL_MASTER variable to be overwritten when a new Elastic-only node was added to the cluster.

For NetEye 4.19 we updated the following packages:

  • apm-server, apm-server-autosetup, apm-server-neteye-config, elasticsearch, elasticsearch-autosetup, elasticsearch-neteye-config, elasticsearch-xpack-license, filebeat, filebeat-autosetup, filebeat-neteye-config, kibana, kibana-autosetup, kibana-neteye-config, logstash, logstash-autosetup, logstash-neteye-config, logstash-neteye-config-autosetup to version 7.12.1_neteye3.30.3-1
Mattia Codato

Mattia Codato


Mattia Codato

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