05. 11. 2021 Alessandro Valentini Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.20

We fixed a performance bug in NetEye 4.20 which caused long downtimes while creating or upgrading batches of NetEye Satellites.

Now Icinga2 will restart only once at the end of the full configuration procedure, speeding up the Satellite configuration and reducing downtimes.

For NetEye 4.20 we updated the following packages:

  • icinga2, icinga2-autosetup, icinga2-bin, icinga2-common, icinga2-debuginfo, icinga2-doc, icinga2-ido-mysql, icinga2-ido-pgsql, icinga2-neteye-config, icinga2-resources, icinga2-selinux to version 2.11.9_neteye1.44.6-1
  • neteye-satellite-manager, neteye-satellite-manager-autosetup to version 0.15.3-1.
Alessandro Valentini

Alessandro Valentini

DevOps Engineer at Wuerth Phoenix
DevOps Engineer at Würth Phoenix


Alessandro Valentini

DevOps Engineer at Würth Phoenix

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