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Ever heard of HackInBo?

HackInBo is the main event in Italy for the cyber security community, bringing together (for almost 10 years now!) hundreds of passionate attendees for two days in Bologna…. We were there on May 27th and 28th… and it was an amazing experience!

This year, and for the first time, the event was divided into two different editions: a Business one and a Spring one.

The Business Edition was a B2B event, an occasion to get to know many cyber security companies and their services, see the latest trends in the industry, and network with experts in the field. On top of that, many different speeches were held during the day: speakers had to propose two different topics, and participants then had to vote for their favorite one using their phones.

Our Cyber Security expert Massimo Giaimo proposed presentations about the Blue team and the Red team (see our presentation here-it’s worth it, I promise) … and guess which one the public chose 😎 (hint: 🔴).

[in case you’ve got no idea what I am talking about:]

🔴 RED TEAMING (offensive strategy) involves simulating a multi-layered attack to test an organization’s ability to identify threats (read more here)

🔵 BLUE TEAMING (defensive strategy) involves multiple strategies to identify a companies’ level of exposure towards cyber attacks (more about that here)

The Spring edition was dedicated to recruitment. This second day was relatively informal and was an occasion to network while having a drink together and listening to other presentations. All participants looking for a job received a colored pin to indicate they were in fact looking for a job and what kind of position they were interested in.

Although this year HackInBo was quite different from past editions, I can say it was still worth being there… this event offers a great opportunity to discover the latest news about cyber security and meet interesting key players, so… we’ll probably see each other again in December 😊

A big T-H-A-N-K-S goes not just to all the organizers, but also to all the participants, who contributed to making this a great event 😊

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Elena Valgoi

Elena Valgoi


Elena Valgoi

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