30. 10. 2023 Lorenzo Candeago DevOps

How to Fix OpenShift Console not Showing the Characters in Firefox

Recently when opening a console in the web-ui of OpenShift in Firefox, I saw the following:

This doesn’t happen when opening the console using Chromium.

In the Firefox debugger, we can see that we have the following error:

Blocked https://console-openshift-console.apps.rdopenshift.si.wp.lan/k8s/ns/openshift-pipelines/pods/el-azure-provisioner-pipeline-event-listener-b4c598b65-5j4xl/terminal from extracting canvas data because no user input was detected.

The error is due to a strict Firefox privacy setting that prevents characters from being loaded. To fix it, it’s enough to go to about:config and set privacy.resistFingerprinting to False.

After changing the setting we can see that the terminal is working again:

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Lorenzo Candeago

Lorenzo Candeago

DevOps Engineer at Würth Phoenix


Lorenzo Candeago

DevOps Engineer at Würth Phoenix

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