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11. 04. 2024 Alessandro Romboli Business Service Monitoring, NetEye, SLM

SLA Reporting on a Business Process

Scenario NetEye 4 is a comprehensive monitoring platform which natively supports Business Processes. A Business Process is an abstract view of a customer’s business from the Application point of view. Usually, it’s a collection of Icinga 2 checks aggregated by “AND, OR, At Least” logic in order to monitor whether a Business Application is really…

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04. 04. 2024 Alessandro Mizzaro Bug Fixes

Important GLPI Agent 1.7.3 Security Advisory

Type/Severity Security Advisory: High Topic There is a security update for GLPI Agent Description This version specifically fixes 2 critical security issues related to MSI packaging on Windows: For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the links listed below in the References…

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02. 04. 2024 Mattia Codato Downloads / Release Notes, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

NetEye 4.35 Release Notes

Welcome to version 4.35 of our NetEye v4 Unified Monitoring Solution. NetEye 4.35 is welcoming you with a breathtaking view of the Lago di Carezza (Karersee). It is also called “Rainbow Lake”. The lake is unique as it gleams with all colors of the rainbow, which makes it a favorite destination for professional photographers and…

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