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26. 03. 2020 Nicolae Caragia NetEye

Report Problems By Email – NetEye 4

Use case : I want to send a PDF with services problems by email. Let’s suppose a client wants to receive an email containing a file with a list of all service problems. Unfortunately, the SLM module doesn’t have the ability to specify the filter service_state on the object field, so I modified the export_csv_export.php…

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23. 03. 2020 Nicolae Caragia NetEye

Deploy Dashboard – NetEye4

Use case: I want to deploy different dashboards for different Group Users or specific Users in NetEye4. At the following URL you can find the script: This script allows you to deploy a template dashboard to: A list of users All members of a specific AD group (LDAP) The requirements are: Python3 A user who…

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