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11. 01. 2021 Nicolae Caragia NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft Icinga2 Agent Deployment Automation with Tornado and NATS

As a NetEye user I might want to install a Remote Host Agent that belongs to a Zone that can’t communicate directly with the Master. So to be able to do this, we decided to use Tornado and NATS. Linking with Patrick’s article in this article I’ll explain how to configure them. What we want…

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26. 03. 2020 Nicolae Caragia NetEye

Report Problems By Email – NetEye 4

Use case : I want to send a PDF with services problems by email. Let’s suppose a client wants to receive an email containing a file with a list of all service problems. Unfortunately, the SLM module doesn’t have the ability to specify the filter service_state on the object field, so I modified the export_csv_export.php…

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23. 03. 2020 Nicolae Caragia NetEye

Deploy Dashboard – NetEye4

Use case: I want to deploy different dashboards for different Group Users or specific Users in NetEye4. At the following URL you can find the script: This script allows you to deploy a template dashboard to: A list of users All members of a specific AD group (LDAP) The requirements are: Python3 A user…

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