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Deploy Dashboard – NetEye4

Use case: I want to deploy different dashboards for different Group Users or specific Users in NetEye4.

At the following URL you can find the script:

This script allows you to deploy a template dashboard to:

  • A list of users
  • All members of a specific AD group (LDAP)

The requirements are:

  • Python3
  • A user who will serve as template (make sure that this user has the correct roles)

The script deploys the contents of a dashboard.ini file contained in /icingaweb2/conf/dashboards/user, from a template user to a specific list of users or to a specific user group in AD.

A user may create his/her personal dashboards, but pay attention: if a user who is involved in the deployment has a dashboard with the same name as a Dashboard that you want to deploy, this personal user dashboard will be overwritten with the new one.

For various reasons I decided not to include the ability to change the name of an existing dashboard.

Example Deployment

The left side shows dashboard.ini before deployment, and the right side shows dashboard.ini after.

As you can see, the new dashboard has been appended to the user dashboard configuration. But, as just said, if the newest file dashboard configuration had a section for instance named “Important Host & Services.Important Hosts”, this will overwrite the section URL and title, thus modifying the oldest section.

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