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14. 01. 2020 Luca Franzoi NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Using Nmap as an Import Source for NetEye 4

Depending on your network configuration it might be useful to import reachable devices in NetEye 4. This operation can be accomplished using the Nmap tool (already installed on your machine) and an Icingaweb module. Follow these steps to install the module: Download the archive from here Put the contents of the archive in the NetEye…

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06. 07. 2009 Patrick Zambelli Unified Monitoring

Automatic host discovery

Generally a system administrator who wants to integrate its hardware and software infrastructure into the Nagios configuration for monitoring, is required to add each single host into the configuration. Although there are many possibilities to accelerate this task, like the web based configuration architect Monarch of NetEye, or the possibility to define templates for hosts…

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