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04. 02. 2020 Oreste Attanasio NetEye, Service Management

Microsoft will Deny Plain LDAP Connections to AD Beginning March 2020

Starting in March 2020, Microsoft will release an update which includes hardening measures for LDAP binding. Read the full advisory here: . This affects all of us who still use plain LDAP to perform queries in Active Directory. Starting in March we will be forced to use secure LDAP binding, because AD will deny…

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09. 11. 2017 Alessandro Romboli Service Management, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft ADFS integration with Shibboleth

Starting with the Windows Server 2003 R2 version, Microsoft introduced the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), a software component which provides users with single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries. ADFS is part of the Active Directory Services. The authenticated user is provided with a series of Claims related to his…

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25. 08. 2009 NetEye Blog Admin Unified Monitoring


A important part of Windows auditing is to track file and folder access on Windows file volumes. Out of the box, this part of auditing is not enabled on Windows operating systems. It’s necessary to enable file and folder auditing and then identify the files and folders that are to be audited. Once correctly configured,…

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13. 08. 2009 NetEye Blog Admin Log Management, Unified Monitoring

Microsoft SQL Server Login Auditing with Logon Triggers

All time the same problem. We will audit whenever a member of one of the SQL Server administrative roles logs on to my SQL Server Instance, the standard SQL audit “Successful logins only” provides this information, the SQL Server logs every connection, but without a focus of the members from the SQL server administrative roles….

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