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24. 09. 2022 Mattia Codato Development, NetEye

Consultant for a Day (or Three)

In August I had the opportunity to assist an experienced consultant who was upgrading a NetEye cluster. Now, I’m a software developer, and while I know the consultants here who work with clients, I’ve always worked at the Würth Phoenix offices. I’ve never actually gone out in the field. So my goal was to try…

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25. 06. 2020 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

Configuring Fencing on Dell Servers

As a NetEye User I want to handle node failures when they happen in my cluster. When a node becomes unresponsive, it might still be accessing your data: the only way to ensure that a node is truly offline is to shut it down. This procedure is called fencing. NetEye 4 relies on Corosync/Pacemaker, also…

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26. 03. 2020 Alessandro Valentini NetEye

NetEye Voting-only Node

A common issue in cluster environment is the split brain condition. A split brain occurs when some nodes of the cluster are not able to communicate properly, but instead continue to work like two separate, distinct clusters leading to data or service inconsistency. To prevent this situation a common solution is to introduce the concept…

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09. 01. 2020 Damiano Chini Log-SIEM, NetEye

Support for Elasticsearch-only Nodes

Until NetEye 4.8, customers who needed to expand the capacity of their Elasticsearch cluster running alongside their Red Hat cluster could add new standard nodes to NetEye clusters. This meant, however, that the new nodes would dedicate their resources not just to improving the capacity of the Elasticsearch cluster, but also to maintaining all services…

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08. 02. 2010 Patrick Zambelli NetEye

Cluster NetEye – failover anche sui canali di notifica GSM

Per ottenere, oltre la completa replicazione dei dati con RAID, anche una flessibilita’ di continuita’ dei servizi NetEye in caso di problemi,  tanti clienti hanno installato un cluster con tutti i servizi di monitoraggio, capacity view/management ed asset management (inventario hw / software ) in failover. La configurazione di questo cluster comprende la funzionalita’ di…

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