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06. 10. 2023 Lorenzo Candeago Development, DevOps

How to Test Beta Repos for RedHat 8.9 in a Container

We wanted to test the new RedHat 8.9 beta releases, but RedHat doesn’t currently provide a beta container. How can we do it anyway? Please note that this procedure is not officially supported by RedHat. As a first step, we want to retrieve the package redhat-release from the rhel 8.9 beta ISO, in the directory…

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21. 10. 2022 Tobias Goller NetEye

GlusterFS on NetEye 4 and RedHat 8

As you’ve probably read in a previous blog by my colleague Jürgen Vigna, we use GlusterFS for particular requirements in our NetEye 4 cluster environments. After we completed the migration from the operating system CentOS 7 to RedHat 8, a few small things have changed or been updated. For all those who are new to…

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22. 08. 2022 Tobias Goller NetEye

NetEye Upgrade to RedHat 8 – My Experience

As you probably all know, a new NetEye version is released every two months. For this reason I’d like to emphasize that we recommend regular updating of your NetEye system. In particular with version 4.23 we released a major update of the operating system from CentOS 7 to RedHat 8. Since we’re doing a lot…

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07. 07. 2022 Lorenzo Candeago DevOps

How to Use a Host’s Redhat Subscription to Run Containers Using Docker instead of Podman

In NetEye 4.23 we shifted our base containers from CentOS to RedHat Enterprise Linux. Within our NetEye image and container we ship packages that come from RedHat Enterprise Linux’s private repositories and are thus subject to subscription, hence we need a way to be able to use our subscription when building NetEye containers. RedHat allows…

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06. 05. 2022 Alessandro Valentini Development, NetEye

Pinning a Module to a Specific Kernel Release

During our implementation of the NetEye migration to Red Hat 8 we decided to drop our internal mirror for system packages and instead rely on Red Hat’s official repositories. Our goal was to improve reliability, speed up the delivery of updates, and alleviate the development team’s workload. But it also introduced a new issue: we…

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21. 02. 2013 Juergen Vigna Downloads / Release Notes

Updated neteye-clustering-1.2.1 package fixing various issues

A new package neteye-clustering-1.2.1 has been released fixing this issues: – Small fix in neteye script – Small fix in nfs-mount and neteye-virtual-ip script creating and not deleting temporary files in /tmp – Moved neteye-init-cluster script to /opt/neteye/sbin out of normal PATH – Added solr directory to /data migration It also added this new feature:…

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