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24. 02. 2015 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye, Real User Experience

End User Experience Training in Padua

It often happens that users complain of IT services, especially aout performance and response time. With a traditional monitoring strategy it is not always so immediate to identify the cause of these problems. The proactive identification of potential bottlenecks is therefore a must for a company that wants to increase the usability of the various…

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20. 03. 2014 Andrea di Lernia NetEye, Real User Experience, Service Management

End User Experience and traditional monitoring: a perfect match

One of the main challenge in the IT monitoring is the ability to execute complex web service tests to obtain objective KPI able to evaluate the end user experience. As every company we also needed to control our web applications such as the Exchange 2013, our Service Desk solution EriZone powered by OTRS, our reporting…

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