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End User Experience Training in Padua

It often happens that users complain of IT services, especially aout performance and response time. With a traditional monitoring strategy it is not always so immediate to identify the cause of these problems. The proactive identification of potential bottlenecks is therefore a must for a company that wants to increase the usability of the various applications by implementing an effective control aligned to the needs of the end users.

To satisfy this need we invite you to participate in the advanced End User Experience Training, that will take place in Padua from March 31st to April 2nd.

The agenda is focusing on the End User Experience monitoring through the adoption of Open Source tools as SAHI and Al’exa and their integration in NetEye. The seminar includes three days of training, educational materials and coffee break. The course is addressed to all IT administrators who want to adopt a monitoring strategy of the End User Experience or who have already implemented it.

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