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15. 11. 2021 TobiasGoller NetEye

The NetEye 4 SMS Tools Module

As perhaps all NetEye users who have already used NetEye 3 know, NetEye 3 included the SMS Tools module. This simple module allowed a user to send SMS messages via a connected SMS gateway. These weren’t the usual monitoring alarms, but simple messages that were to be sent to various cell phones. Contacts could be…

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04. 06. 2021 Ajay Sharma Bug Fixes, NetEye

Bug Fixes for NetEye 4.18

We fixed wrong permissions on spool directory, which were preventing send sms-notification. For NetEye 4.18 we updated the following packages: smstools-neteye-config to version 1.5.1-1 icinga2, icinga2-autosetup, icinga2-bin, icinga2-common, icinga2-debuginfo, icinga2-doc, icinga2-ido-mysql, icinga2-ido-pgsql, icinga2-neteye-config, icinga2-resources, icinga2-selinux to version 2.11.6_neteye1.33.1-1

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