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Al’exa features in focus at the OSMC 2013 in Nuremberg

Georg has been invited to the OSCM (Open Source Monitoring Conference) which will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of October in Nuremberg/Germany to highlight the new Al´exa features integrated into the actual NetEye release.

Main focus will be given to the The End-User Experience approach taking into account the quality of the provided services, by starting from a horizontal measurement of the delivered performance from the perspective of the user.

Al’exa allows for example to find out when and how bottlenecks can be experienced in terms of performance and availability. The extension aims to provide a more focused user performance monitoring by providing the opportunity to compare the results with the existing metrics of the Monitoring System. Further information and the possibility to register as a participant can be found on the conferences Webpage.

Learning more about Al´exa:

Al’exa is a Python module that provides capabilities to automate and test graphical user interfaces by using computer vision to verify the availability and performance of user application which are deployed for example over Citrix and Windows Terminal Server. Al’exa is built on the OpenCV vision library to recognize objects on template based patterns, to identify UI elements (labels, input fields, buttons, links, trees, …) and to interact with them like a normal user does.  An IDE based on Ninja Python enables the creation of these test cases. The execution of those test cases with Al’exa is already nsclient++ compliant so that Nagios, Icinga, Shinken can schedule them and get the result (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL) and performance data back.

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