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Multi-Channel Management of your Help Desk Processes

Integratione of EriZone and TVox Contact Center

This post is to communicate our new partnership with the Italian Software House Telenia Software S.r.l.. Founded in 1994 the company is dedicated to develop and market Contact Management Solutions. To improve the service delivered to their customers, Telenia Software shortly decided to integrate our IT-Service Management solution EriZone into their VoIP software plattform TVox Contact Center. TVox Contact Center is Telenia’s flagship product for the managing of evolved phone services. Thanks to the integration of EriZone the range of functionalities has been significantly increased.

In the following I will quickly introduce you the most important advantages of the integration of the two solutions:


Integrated Multi-Channel Management…

for an overall control of customer communications regardless of the channel of entry.

The integration of TVox Contact Center and EriZone allows multi-channel management of all customer care services. The operator has the ability to manage all customer requests with one single instrument regardless which was the channel of entry (phone, email, sms, fax or web portal). Through the single sign-on function a simple click on the queue of interest leads you to the EriZone interface, where you can manage your channels. Thanks to real-time notifications for incoming requests, operators can enhance their delivered services. They might simply follow the priorities assigned by their supervisor. Even if an operator switches from the processing of a phone request to a request which came in via email, fax, sms or web-portal the supervisor remains informed about the actual activities of his collaborators.

Integrated Multi-Channel Management

Multi-Channel Web Realtime Display …

for effective SLA Monitoring of the single channels

Individual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be defined and monitored for each channel. The visualization is made on the so-called WEB WALL DISPLAY.

Screen Pop-up and Click-to-Call…

predefined Tickets and the Click-to-Call functionality shorten the processing time.

A screen pop-up appears for incoming calls and allows the automatic creation of a ticket within EriZone, which already contains all relevant information concerning the client and the requested service. The site contains the following information:

  • customer name
  • ticket number
  • ticket status
  • requested service
  • defined SLA

The Click-to-Call functionality provides the possibility to call each number stored in EriZone just with a single click on the desired number.

Call Back…

Less calls in the waiting queue lead to higher customer satisfaction

The CALLBACK service allows customers in the waiting queue to choose if they want to be called back instead of spending their precious time in the waiting loop. Moreover, the customer has the possibility to decide if he prefers to be called back at the number he is actually calling from, or if he prefers to deposit an alternative number. Within EriZone there is automatically generated a ticket of type “call back” which is immediately shown also in TVox.

Call Back

Reports and Statistics

The Statistics module provides reports on the level of the delivered services. These reports can be created according to channels or operators and are stored as pdf, csv or html. Even the scheduling of automatically created reports and their forwarding to the dedicated supervisor are possible.


TVox Contact Center is the application for the managing of evolved phone services INBOUND and OUTBOUND in multi-service and multi customer contexts. For each client you can define IVR and customized call center services according to the parameters and service levels defined in the contract. To each customer can be provided indicators, reports and statistics in analytical or summary mode on the basis of the services dedicated to him. The call center operator is “SEATLESS” and he can use any of the telephone stations through a simple step of log in. TVox call center makes a call distribution to operators based on competence, “SKILL BASED ROUTING” to ensure in any situation the best level of service with the resources available. In this mode you can share the operators on many call center services and as a result on more customers by establishing for each of them the degree of competence linked to each service, the “AGENTS SHARING”.TVox Contact Center

Telenia Software S.r.l. will also be present at our Open Source System Management Conference .

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