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27. 02. 2019 TobiasGoller Cloud, NetEye

NetEye 4 and Managed IT Services

As you all know, NetEye 4 is offered as an appliance or virtual machine. But today I want to talk about cloud and managed IT services using NetEye 4. As a foreword I would just like to briefly explain what managed IT services are: A managed IT service is a solution that is delivered by… Read More

26. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.6.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.6.opm EriZoneTheme-5.6.6.opm Fixes:– Submenus cannot be selected due to previous fix (EZ-717) Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager.The upgrade procedure must be done STRICTLY in the following sequence:EriZoneEriZoneCore(EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement)EriZoneTheme

26. 02. 2019 Valentina Da Rold NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager, icingaweb2-module-neteye, icingaweb2 for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.7.7-1: Fix logstash JSON parse error Updated icingaweb2-module-neteye to version 1.8.0-1: Create troubleshooting session for Service-Set conflicts during deploy Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.2_neteye1.25.0-1: User Guide update: Add description for new multiselect component Update screenshots in Monitoring chapter

22. 02. 2019 Angelo Rosace NetEye Updates

Updated icingaweb2-module-fileshipper, logstash, icingaweb2 for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-fileshipper to version 1.1.0_neteye1.0.3-2: Fixed: English of GUI labels Update logstash to version 6.5.4_neteye1.0.1-1: Fixed: Logs not compressed and rotated Update icingaweb2 to version 2.6.2_neteye1.24.1-1: Update to icingaweb2 v2.6.2 Fixed: multiple authentication hook does not correctly recognize user permissions

21. 02. 2019 NetEye Blog Admin NetEye

NetEye User Group – See the full program

Be part of a full-day event comprising presentations and workshops that will drive tangible innovation for the years ahead. We’ll have a blast learning from peers and experts, sharing knowledge, and making lasting connections on the future of NetEye. The agenda is out now, if not already registered, take the opportunity to assure your presence now…. Read More

21. 02. 2019 Valentina Da Rold NetEye Updates

Updated modules icingaweb2-module-lampo, icingaweb2-module-analytics, icingaweb2-module-eventhandler, icingaweb2-module-kibana, icingaweb2-module-geomap, icingaweb2-module-mapdatatype, grafana for NetEye 4.4

Updated grafana to version 5.2.4_neteye3.1.1-1: Disable option to change the user interface theme Updated icingaweb2-module-lampo to version 0.7.1-1: Fix bug for json_encode of non utf8 characters Fix module version in module info page Update icingaweb2-module-analytics to version 1.8.1-1: Fix module version in module info page Updated icingaweb2-module-eventhandler to version 1.5.6-1: Fix module version in module… Read More

20. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail EriZone & OTRS, EriZone Updates

EriZone 5.6 packages Updates

EriZone-5.6.5.opm EriZoneCore-5.6.5.opm Fixes: – Pressing ‘enter’ after editing a field will Delete Note contact (EZ-791) – Ticket Attributes are automatically populated on GA insert (EZ-790) – DropdownFromDB field not working on AgentTicketMove (EZ-789) – Select does not disappear automatically after choice (EZ-717) – Time units position not uniform between action windows (EZ-788) – Link to… Read More

20. 02. 2019 Thomas Forrer Development, NetEye


As we do every year, we participated again this year at FOSDEM, the largest conference on free and open source software in Europe.  Apart from having really nice conversations and grabbing many stickers 🙂 , we attended many very inspiring talks this year, too.

20. 02. 2019 Angelo Rosace NetEye Updates

Update icingaweb2-module-leafletjs for Neteye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-leafletjs to version 1.3.4_neteye0.1.1-1 for Neteye 4.5: Fix: wrong module version displayed (IWML-2)

20. 02. 2019 Angelo Rosace NetEye Updates

Update icingaweb2-module-logmanager for Neteye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.7.6-1 for Neteye 4.5: Fixed: a restricted user can overwrite the rsyslog configuration for all other users by deploying his configuration (IMLM-102)

19. 02. 2019 Gianluca Piccolo NetEye, NetEye Updates

Updated modules neteye-api, neteye-histou for NetEye 3.16

Updated neteye-api to version 2.0.2-2: Fixed VSphere automatic tests Updated neteye-histou to version 0.4.3_neteye1.0.4-1: Render image not working on monitoring perfdata dashboard

19. 02. 2019 Valentina Da Rold NetEye Updates

Updated modules icingaweb2-module-logmanager, icingaweb2-module-neteye for NetEye 4.4

Updated icingaweb2-module-logmanager to version 0.7.3-1: Fixed selenium tests Updated icingaweb2-module-neteye to version1.7.2-1: Update multiselect layout in order to improve option text visibility

18. 02. 2019 NetEye Blog Admin EriZone & OTRS, NetEye

Defining the program oft this year´s SFScon

At last week´s Stakeholder meeting, we defined the concept and content of the coming SFScon conference. Practicing innovation with Rust and AI for the further enhancement of NetEye, stirring new strategies in monitoring software with Alyvix, Speed dating career opportunities addressing young IT top talents to get in front of top tech development trends, foto… Read More

13. 02. 2019 Benjamin Gröber NetEye Updates

Updated modules eventhandler, icinga2, icingaweb2, icingaweb2-module-director

Updated eventhandler to version 1.7.5 for NetEye 4.3 and NetEye 4.4: Fix autosetup not running on cluster installations Updated icinga2 to version 2.10.1_neteye1.4.9-1 for NetEye 4.4 Fix local icinga2 satellite API port not allowed in firewall for cluster installations Fix local icinga2 satellite not starting after reboot Updated icingaweb2 to version 2.6.1_neteye1.24.1-2 for NetEye 4.4… Read More

07. 02. 2019 MarinovMihail Information Security Operations Center, NetEye

Secure Connections for the Safed Agent

The Safed agent can be configured via https and send its collected logs to the log collector though a TLS connection. The latest released version – 1.9.1 – supports TLS 1.2 (at a minimum) and TLS 1.3. The first step is to upload the private key, the local certificate and the CA certificate to the… Read More