13. 03. 2020 Luca Franzoi Bug Fixes, Log Management, Log-SIEM, NetEye, Unified Monitoring

Bug discovered on NetEye module logmanagement and SIEM

A bug has been discovered on NetEye modules logmanagement and SIEM.
If affected, rsyslog directories on system might be created with wrong permissions causing Logstash to be unable to load log lines of some hosts inside Elasticsearch. Users might also receive an error message trying to check signatures for some hosts inside Logmanager Log Check.
All NetEye systems with neteye-logmanagement or netey-siem modules installed might be affected .

To check your system run following command:

find /neteye/shared/rsyslog/data/ -not -perm 770 -type d -exec ls -lad {} \; | grep "dr-------T."

If the provided command returns some results your system is affected.
Please apply the following workaround to fix it until an official bug-fix is provided:

  1. Run command: crontab –e
  2. Add following line:
    30 00 * * * /usr/bin/find /neteye/shared/rsyslog/data/ -not -perm 770 -a -not -perm 750 -type d -exec /usr/bin/chmod 770 {} \; > /dev/null
  3. Save the file

Previous steps must be executed on every NetEye node.

If you need further information, or experience some problem applying the fix, feel free to contact our support team using one of the following options:

Luca Franzoi

Luca Franzoi

Service & Support Engineer at Würth Phoenix


Luca Franzoi

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